Gallery Cleaning

The term gallery cleaning refers to a specialised cleaning service extended to art galleries, art exhibition spaces, and museums.

And since the art gallery space or say a museum is home to very special, exclusive and valuable art pieces, artworks, paintings, sculptures and carvings, it is very important the cleaning is also carried out with utmost care, thought and attention to detail.

Dust is something that is very highly prevalent in any art gallery or museum because of visitors and foot traffic and along with dust, dirt build-up too happens. And this can damage the artworks, or showpieces and that is why it becomes even more essential to have experienced cleaners to take care of the gallery cleaning.

And the cleaners of Kenox Property Service undertake the cleaning in a very gentle, responsible, and thoughtful manner and the cleaning services are complete, comprehensive, and effectual.

So if you are seeking a professional cleaning services company in the NSW area, to take care of a host of cleaning services that you seek and we offer, you may contact Kenox Property Service Pty Ltd on 0413050000 or write to us at

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